Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Purdue North Central’s Biology/Chemistry faculty members have outstanding research credentials and also are dedicated to teaching. This unique combination means that our undergraduate students have opportunities for close association with faculty and participation in significant research.

Purdue North Central is an institutional member of the Council on Undergraduate Research. Beginning in the sophomore year, students are encouraged to become involved in ongoing faculty research projects, and when possible, to present their data at undergraduate research conferences at the local, regional, state, and national levels. Here are some of the research topics students have worked on, under direct faculty supervision, over the past three years:

  • E.coli monitoring
  • Groundwater contamination by MTBE and other gasoline additives
  • Removal of MTBE gasoline additive from groundwater
  • Photo catalytic destruction of ETBE and TAME
  • SDS-PAGE Analysis of Isopod Hemolymph and Tegument
  • Conservation biology
  • Bio mechanics and Functional Morphology of Dinosaurs
  • Alligator Physiology
  • Aquatic plant taxonomy
  • Hantavirus Survey
  • Population genetics of rare and endangered aquatic plants
  • Monitoring nuisance and exotic aquatic plant species
  • Computer models in Ecosystem Decision Making Aquatic Animal Ecology
  • Protein Computer Modeling

Undergraduate Independent Study

In addition to research opportunities, undergraduates at this campus also have the advantage of working with faculty in academic areas not available via traditional course work. This type of course work usually involves one professor and one to four students interested in a particular academic subject. Recently, students have carried out the following projects under direct faculty supervision:

  • Biology basis of AIDS
  • Medical mycology
  • Review of case studies in clinical pathophysiology
  • Introduction to clinical biochemistry
  • Literature review in clinical microbiology
  • Plant systematics

For more information contact Dr. Robin Scribailo, Department Chair, at (219) 785-5298.