APSAC Members

Current Membership: (L-R) Chair Maria Watson, Greg Wireman, Secretary Carol Bailey, Carol Connelly, Kila Payne, Treasurer Amanda Schacht (not pictured: Amy Miller, Sue Miller)

Our Mission

APSAC serves as a two-way conduit between A/P staff and the administration. As such, APSAC serves two distinct constituencies, each with the need to hear the other and to be heard by the other. In its role as a communication facilitator, APSAC offers A/P staff a mechanism to voice their interests and concerns as they relate to campus affairs.

How We Contribute

APSAC operates with a chair and a vice chair; much of its actual work is completed through subcommittees. The entire group meets monthly.

Our Core Values

  • Act with Integrity
  • Advocate for the A/P Staff
  • Communicate effectively
  • Collaborate creatively and inclusively

How We Feel

APSAC takes pride in its accomplishments on behalf of administrative and professional staff at Purdue North Central. Our intention is to contribute to the mission of the University as a whole by building relationships with the Administration and with constituents. APSAC members welcome the opportunity to work together to make Purdue North Central even better.

APSAC Membership

APSAC’s members represent all areas of the University. We carry views and concerns from A/P staff to the administration and relevant committees, and we help the administration disseminate information.

Member APSAC Role
Phone Location Division
Carol Bailey Secretary 219-785-5317 SWRZ 145 Business Office
Carol Connelly Member 219-785-5267 SWRZ 140 Campus Relations
Amy Miller Member 219-785-5285 TECH 157 Admissions
Sue Miller Ex-Officio Member 219-785-5354 SWRZ 025-N Human Resources
Kila Payne Member 219-785-5367 SWRZ 38-A Student Support Services
Amanda Schacht Treasurer 219-785-5479 LSF 78 Athletics & Activities
Maria Watson Chair 219-785-5243 SWRZ 158-B Academic Affairs
Greg Wireman Vice Chair/ WL Rep 219-785-5571 SWRZ 40 Registration