PNC Alumni’s Favorite Memories at PNC

Favorite PNC Stories

Thank you to all alumni who sent us your favorite memories while you attended PNC.  Here are some of the stories submitted:

Laura Kent Miller:  I have so many great memories from my time at PNC, it’s tough to pick just one! Here goes….I was a non traditional student sitting in a geometry class, my first one since deciding to go back to school (with Dr. Feikes). I was so scared, had no idea it was going to be geometry. And then Dr. Feikes starts the class with a reference from one of my favorite films- Shawshank Redemption. Next the very young gal in front of me took the time to say hello….and I knew I had made a great choice in PNC.

Mark Zimmerman:  Listening to great lectures from my business instructor, Ray Bobillo, as he sat perched on top of his desk with his legs crossed!

Virginia Jones:  Being a part of SEA was great. I have many fond memories of going to school at PNC.

Rachael Sarson:  I have many fond memories at PNC. PNC gave me a great education, however PNC also gave me three best friends. My first day on campus, freshman year – I was in the School of Business Learning Community. That day, I met my three best friends. I didn’t know it then, but now almost 5 years after graduation (ek! Where does time go!) these three people are still in my life and have made it better for 5 years. We starting as young, scared freshman, studied together, laughed together, grew up together. We all made it graduation, together. Now we  have been for each other, through careers, marriages and babies! I am so lucky to have had a wonderful education and a place to foster three life-long friendships.

Katie Eaton:  My most memorable experience at PNC would have to be when I was asked to be a tutor in the Writing Center. It was the first time that I felt someone else pinpointed a strength I had and thought I was valuable enough to share that strength with others. Later, I became the Student Director of the Writing Center and I believe that experience helped mold me into the leader I am today. Being a tutor was very rewarding and one of my favorite things about my time at PNC.

Deb Nielsen:  During my time as a student at PNC, I took several courses from Professor John Stanfield of the English Department. You might say I was a “Stanfield Groupie!”

At that time, we had only the Education Building (now Schwarz Hall) and the vending room was room 40 (now Enrollment Management). There was no food service available to students so you either ate from the machines or you brought your lunch. In December of 1974, several of the “groupies” were graduating and were taking their last English course in American Lit taught by Professor Stanfield. Throughout the semester Stanfield complained bitterly about the lack of dining facilities on campus, so the “Stanfield Groupies” decided to do something about it.

We brought in tablecloths, napkins, candelabras and candles, good china and flatware, stemmed goblets, etc. We held a lavish feast in front everyone in the room. One of the gals in our class was an accomplished cook and made a Spanish dish called Paella. We served soft drinks and iced tea in the goblets, had a salad and a fancy dessert. Everyone that was in the vending room was envious of our elegant feast complete with lighted candelabras!

To top it off, we gave Stanfield a caftan that we had made. Now Professor Stanfield was short and wide and so was his caftan. I wish I had a picture of him in it to share. He modeled it in front of everyone in the room. We all had a wonderful time and Stanfield talked about that for years afterward.  

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