How do my credits transfer

How do My Credits Transfer into PNC

Once you are admitted and registered for courses, your previous college course work is evaluated. Coursework must meet the following in order to transfer:

• Received at a regionally accredited institution
• College-level course (100 level or above)
• Grade with a C or better

The evaluation of transcript results will be posted on our Self Service Banner. Course grades are not transferred to your PNC record, and will not be included in the computation of your grade-point average at PNC.
All credits ten years and older will come in as undistributed credit.

Transfer Equivalency Self-Service is a web-based tool that allows you to see how academic credits you have earned at other institutions can be used towards a degree at Purdue University North Central. Tell us what classes you took and where, and we will tell you how the course work will apply towards a specific program of study (degree) you wish to pursue at Purdue University North Central as part of our Degree Works on-line degree audit system.

Military Credit

Students who have been active duty for at least 6 months, and who have turned in a copy of their DD-214, can receive 4-8 military credits. The credits transfer in as undistributed.