Non-Degree Students

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You’re not necessarily after a degree, but you are after an education. We get it, and we applaud you. The application is the same, but we do have a few extra guidelines for you. If you’ve got questions, just give us a call or shoot us an email. We’ll stop applauding long enough to answer, we promise.

Non-degree students are those who are:

  • Not wanting to pursue a degree but want to enroll in a class
  • Taking a class for personal interest
  • Visiting from another college or university outside the Purdue system
  • Preparing for further education or improving job-related skills

Typically, our non-degree students are limited to enrolling in a maximum of seven credit hours per semester during the fall and spring, and four credit hours during the summer session. Non-degree students may apply no more than 18 semester hours of work towards an undergraduate degree at Purdue University.