Connie Lachner

Connie Lachner

Phone:  (219) 785-5493


Hobbies & Interests 

I love camping, traveling and meeting new people… I am a quilter and love to spend time sewing.

Favorite Food/Restaurant
Love food cooked over a campfire!

Where were you prior to PNC?
Prior to PNC, I was employed with WorkOne Employment Office.

Favorite Thing about PNC
My favorite thing about PNC is how friendly our staff, faculty and students are.

How did your coursework or activities that you were involved in help you find your passion?
My previous experiences at learning to sew have led me to yet another passion – quilting! The experience of designing and creating quilts, to see a piece of fabric turn into a work of art is amazing.

Get involved. Explore all the opportunities that you have available to you and take advantage of those opportunities while you are able to.

Connie Lachner