Carol Kurmis

Recruiting Territory

Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana- Valparaiso and Michigan City Campuses

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Carol Kurmis

Listen to both your head and your heart when searching for that which intrigues you and makes you happy!

Carol Kurmis

Educational Background

Undergraduate, M.Ed. degrees attained at PNC, and Indiana State Teacher’s License.

Hobbies & Interests
I love to read and garden! There’s no better way for me to relax than sitting down with a good book or being outside, digging in the dirt, planting seeds just to enjoy the beauty of my work as the seedlings turn to flowers. I also love sitting on the beach listening to the blues and enjoying the sun, sand, and water. Okay maybe not the sand so much!!!

Favorite Quote
My favorite quote was written by a young man currently attending Virginia Tech when asked, “What are your New Year Resolutions?”
"… I prefer to dream, hypothesize, visualize, estimate, calculate, design, develop, and build my goals rather than just say I am going to do something. Discover the ideas that intrigue you, and invent your own future." HCGriffith

Where were you prior to PNC?
Prior to PNC, I worked in public education k-12, in the machining and fabrication industry, and as a retail associate.

Favorite Thing about PNC
My favorite thing about PNC is the fact that it didn’t matter that I was a non-traditional (adult) student who had never attended college. In every class, my professors knew me by name and made me feel welcome and engaged. I also liked that I could be involved in student activities such as the Student Government Association—I held 3 of the 4 offices including that of President.

Most memorable class
I loved being a student at PNC! There are two memorable classes: 1) History 104 with Dr. Janusz Duzinkiewicz. This class opened my mind to a new way of thinking about the world and deepened my understanding of change and 2) Literacy and the Young Child with Dr. Mary Jane Eisenhauer. In this class, my eyes were opened to see the beauty of play and how it impacts the way we teach and the way we learn—even a non-traditional student learned how to play.

How did your coursework or activities that you were involved in help you find your passion?
My passion has always been to communicate effectively and to become a servant leader. Choosing Education as a major seemed the most logical choice to fit my skills and experiences as well as my passion to share that which I had learned. As a student at PNC, I learned how to adapt my organizational and communication skills to more effectively share my knowledge that in turn deepened my passion to communicate through teaching.