The benefits of participating in the Concurrent Enrollment/Dual Credit program are innumerable, but that won't stop us from trying. Check out our lists below. If you think of one we missed, DO NOT try to add it by writing on your monitor in permanent ink. Don't ask how we know, just trust us that it won't work.

The Concurrent Enrollment/Dual Credit Program offers many benefits to parents and students. Listed below are some of the many benefits. 

To Parents:

  • Improved student opportunity for success in college
  • Familiarity with university registration process, policies and procedures
  • Reduced tuition costs: $25 per credit hour for courses listed on the State Dual Credit/Concurrent Priority Course List; $105.10 per credit hour for courses not listed on the State Priority Course List(undergraduate tuition is $214.65 per credit hour for 2012/2013)
      • Free/Reduced lunch students: 100% tuition assistance 
      • No additional fees: no books, activity, lab, technology, or transportation fees (ex. You will be saving the cost of the undergrad student fees – additional $20.15 per credit hour, and/or lab fees for science classes - $61.50 per lab credit hour)

To Students:

  • Satisfies requirements for earning the Academic Honors Diploma
  • Students are able to graduate from high school with college credits and an established Purdue transcript
  • Students may complete basic college degree requirements as well as earn several general education requirements for college (check the PNC Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment Website to see how the dual credit classes satisfy requirements in all majors at PNC)
  • Helps with a smoother transition to college and builds confidence for college success
  • Familiarizes students with university admission/registration process
  • Provides the opportunity to graduate from college early, study abroad, double major, seek additional internships in college and/or begin a graduate degree program early