The Concurrent Enrollment/Dual Credit Program offers many benefits to parents and students. Listed below are some of the many benefits. 

To Parents:

  • Improved student opportunity for success in college

  • Familiarity with university registration process, policies and procedures 

  • Financial Advantages 
    • Reduced tuition cost - $25 per credit hour for courses listed on the State Dual Credit/Concurrent Priority Course List; $105.10 per credit hour for courses not listed on the State Priority Course List(undergraduate tuition is $214.65 per credit hour for 2012/2013)
      • - Free/Reduced lunch students - 100% tuition assistance 
      • - No additional fees - no books, activity, lab, technology, or transportation fees (ex. You will be saving the cost of the undergrad student fees – additional $20.15 per credit hour, and/or lab fees for Science classes - $61.50 per lab credit hour)

To Students:

  • Satisfies requirements for earning the Academic Honors Diploma
  • Students are able to graduate from high school with college credits and an established Purdue Transcript
  • Students may complete basic college degree requirements, as well as earn several general education requirements for college (check the PNC Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment Website to see how the dual credit classes satisfy requirements in all majors at PNC)
  • Helps with a smoother transition to college, and builds confidence for college success
  • Students become more familiar with university admission/registration process
  • Provides the opportunity to graduate from college early, study abroad, double major, seek additional internships in college, and/or begin a graduate degree program early