General Education

General education is an important part of every student’s experience at PNC. PNC’s Undergraduate General Education Policy is based on the LEAP learning outcomes, a national set of guidelines developed by many universities, working closely with employers to determine the crucial skills all college graduate should have.

All undergraduate degree programs at PNC incorporate these outcomes in their coursework. Most programs at PNC require new students to take either the university First-Year Experience (GS 19100) or a similar course within the major. Starting in the fall of 2012, all programs also include the 30-credit Core Curriculum (although some programs have more specific requirements than in the core). Some programs, mainly in the College of Liberal Arts, also include Supplemental Core requirements.

The General Education Committee of the Purdue North Central Faculty Senate is responsible for General Education policy, and also maintains lists of approved courses for the 30-credit Core and Supplemental Core